Web/mobile Analytics


  • In Google Analytics,multiple properties that could not be combined.
  • No standardized naming of pages and screens across apps.
  • Limited visualization capabilities of Google Analytics.
  • Customized segment definitions by buisness.
  • Approach:

  • Defined data mapping and standardized names in datamart.
  • Aggregated data from multiple views into one datamart.
  • Built reporting and anailtics app in Qliksense.
  • Scalable architecture to add future data and time based analyses.

Lead and Sales Analytics


  • limited reporting and visualization capabilities of salesforce.
  • Cohort analyses KPIs not easily available.
  • Approach:

  • Created reports for data download.
  • built repoting and analytics app in Qliksense.
  • Cohort analyses of channels,campaigns,leads, opportunities and customers to understand sales cycle.

Customer Analytics


  • Raw data of transactions and usage in mixpanel and Oracle db.
  • startup with limited data, needed projections.
  • Approach:

  • Customized reports in mixpanel for raw data imported into Oracle db.
  • imported data into excel for building cohorts model.

Artificial Intelligence

  • Arctificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Predictive Analytics

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